Debunking Three Myths On Cloud Computing

The dramatic growth of cloud computing and its associated services have brought forth a series of myths about the industry. These myths may initially seem harmless, but a misguided and misinformed view about the market can prevent people from fully taking advantage of the service; one that has already benefit numerous local and international brands. Listed below are the three most common myths on cloud computing.

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Move everything to the cloud: It is true that cloud computing has many advantages. However, this does not suggest that every solution is a “cloud-fits-all.” Business owners must recognize that cloud computing is a tool that must be used judiciously. And like any tool, it is effective only when it is used properly. Some industries still need a physical hardware rather than a virtual one. It is best to speak with an expert on cloud computing to determine the percentage of business that should be transferred to an online environment.

Cloud is only used to save money: There are other reasons to transition to the cloud platform other than just saving money. Cloud computing is one, for example. The technology simplifies routine tasks and handles computations in a more precise manner. The varied features of the cloud significantly reduce the chances of mistakes. In fact, the ease of use, accessibility, and technological efficiency are just some of the very good reasons to move to the cloud. That said, it is still important to determine how one’s specific business and industry will benefit from a transition to the cloud.

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Only a private cloud can manage critical applications: This really depends on what the word “critical” means to a business. If there are systems that require applications that are scaled in a very reliable way, then yes, a private cloud would be best served for this purpose. However, if “critical” means having enough storage space or functioning e-mail server, there are public or even hybrid cloud apps to consider.

The most important tip is to scale one’s projects with a trusted cloud developer. Regardless of how much of the business is transferred to cloud, the system itself must be from a reputable brand.

Rene Bostic is IBM’s VP for Cloud Technical Sales. More technology insights here.


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