Co-Locating On-Site: Ibm Gets Rid Of Its Work-From-Home Policy

IBM is considered an innovator with its work-from-home policies that started in the 1980s. The company has saved hundreds of millions of dollars every year for allowing their employees to work from a convenient location. However this year, IBM is co-locating its employees in an office space.

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The IT company announced in February its plans of co-locating thousands of its marketing department employees to work from one of the six offices in the country. With this new adjustment, employees will have to relocate to a place near the offices to be able to work. But it’s not just the marketing team that’s making an office comeback.A few years ago, the design, procurement, security, and IT departments of IBM were also called to co-locate. While numerous studies have shown that working remotely can help employees become more productive, other experts say that the company needs innovation—in terms of teamwork.

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Not a lot of employees agree with the company’s sudden move, and a lot of them will have to rebuild their lives with the changes.A lot of the company’s employees have been working remotely for decades.Others think that it’s the company’s way of downsizing its employees. IBM, however, has shown growth as it called its clients back to the office, with the teams working on Watson and other projects doing successful work together.
Rene Bostic  is the Vice President for Cloud Technical Sales for IBM North America. Follow this Twitter account for more updates about the company.


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