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For Small Businesses, Use Of The Cloud Is On The Horizon

The perceived costs of implementation, privacy issues, and overall lack of familiarity are the primary reasons small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are hesitant about cloud computing. That, however, may soon change. Notwithstanding primary concerns, the majority of organizations want to run computing services in the cloud with their IT systems already working at capacity. Moreover, with service delivery enhancements and greater competition among cloud computing outfits, the technology is becoming more affordable and accessible to SMBs.

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Many young companies grew rapidly by operating almost entirely in the cloud. Dropbox, Uber, and Airbnb are shining beacons of what success might meet startups by taking advantage of cloud computing. Because of the promise of cost reduction, operational efficiency, and increased profitability, reports show that many organizations are seeking advice from cloud firms on how to revamp traditional IT systems.

With gradual adoption of cloud services across the board, it is anticipated that by 2020,close to 80 percent of all businesses would partly or wholly operate on the cloud, the majority of which are for back-office work such as accounting and marketing.

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